Important Tips Before You Buy

There are several things you should check on before buying an appliance. Take advantage of our comprehensive site to check model specifications and installation guides or call our knowledgeable appliance specialists at 877-679-2686 for more information. Here are some other helpful tips:

* Many of our laundry images showcase the pedestal in addition to the washer or dryer. The pedestal is always an add-on accessory available at an additional cost.1.Carefully select your gas type - When deciding on a gas appliance, including outdoor grills, please choose the correct gas type (either liquid propane or natural gas). Ordering the wrong gas type can result in costly return delivery fees.

2.Determine power requirements - Many appliances (mainly electric dryers and electric cooking appliances) have special power requirements. Please determine if your home is equipped to handle the product you plan to install. Also, check to see what the correct voltage (and amperage) and the plug type of the outlet that you will be using before purchase. Consult with your electrician in case you are unsure about your power requirements.

3.Measure your space prior to ordering - Measure your entryways to ensure clearance for delivery. It is also imperative to measure all doors and areas that the appliance will need to travel through before it reaches its final destination. Also carefully measure the openings where your appliances will be placed. Always view the manufacturer provided installation guides prior to making a buying decision. Expenses related to on-site work performed by shippers to fit units through are passed on directly to the customer.

4.Do not schedule private contractors until you receive your order - Many customers schedule contractors to install merchandise prior to receiving their order. Shipping delays, damaged products, and defective products may cause unexpected delays and may require you to pay additional costs to contractors. We suggest that you schedule contractors after you have received your product and inspected its condition.

5.Determine required accessories - Pre-packaged accessories are determined by each manufacturer. Please refer to the installation guides provided on our website to determine which additional accessories, if any, you will need to purchase separately. If no guide exists, please contact the manufacturer. Examples include the following: ◦Most dryers are not accompanied by a power cord

◦Some washers are not accompanied by hoses

◦Some gas ranges are not accompanied by gas hoses

Alternate Billing/Shipping Address

We know that many people like to have their packages shipped to work or another address where they know someone will be available to receive the package.

Our current order vefication process requires you to register your shipping address as an alternate address with your issuing bank. We are truly sorry for the inconvenience this may cause, but it is to protect against fraud. The most common form of credit card fraud is purchasing a high priced item with a stolen credit card and having it shipped to another address. We've had it happen.

This process will only add an extra shipping address to your credit card file. This will not change your billing address. Not having an alternate shipping address on file could delay your order.

With the steps below, we can ship to an alternate address, but not another person:

Register your Alternate Address with your credit card company 

Credit card companies are more than happy to help with this matter because they want to reduce fraud too. This will help you with other online merchants as well.

•Step 1 - Call your issuing credit card company. This is normally the phone number listed on the back of your credit card

•Step 2 - Register your shipping address as an alternate address

•Step 3 - Inform evVive that you have added an alternate address to your credit card

In some cases, we may have to obtain a manual authorization from your credit card company, so the best thing to do is let us know you have registered an alternate address via email before or after you place your order.

Plan Ahead - Avoid Unnecessary Delays and Costs

Please notify us in advance if any of these conditions apply to unvoid any unforseen delays and additional costs

 •Building Requires Insurance Certificate - Determine if your dwelling requires a certificate of insurance for delivery. If so notify us at least 48 hours prior to the delivery of your goods. Please have your building email or fax us an insurance certificate template as this will avoid any further delays.

 Potential surchages 

Unlike smaller purchases, appliances are bulky and have many parts that require special shipping methods to ensure they arrive in brand-new condition. Because of those special shipping methods the following surcharges may apply:

 •After hours delivery - Requests for after hours delivery, including weekends, will result in additional surcharges. Standard delivery timeframes are Monday thru Friday 9:00AM to 5:00PM.

•Stair surcharges - Buildings without elevators with stair wells up or down will be accessed a per stair surcharge.

•Accessbility issues - Buildings with accessibility issues, hard to reach locations, rural addresses, remote destinations, islands or destinations that require access fees (such as ferry fees) may be assessed a surcharge.

•Ferry fees - Remote destinations that require ferry fees will be assessed a ferry fee surcharge. Please notify us in advance if this applies to your delivery. The most common areas that need a ferry for delivery include: Fire Island, Shelter Island, parts of Washington State and parts of Massachusetts (Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, etc.).

Additional Service Fees



After Hours & Saturday Delivery

$75.00 or 10 cents a pound, whichever is greater

Sunday or Holiday Delivery

$125.00 or 15 cents a pound, whichever is greater

Stair Surcharge

$40.00 per flight

Ferry Fee


Remote Location Surcharge


On-Site Work

Call for quote

Installation and Removal

Call for quote